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ساحل بانوان

The name of the famous Turkish sands Ladies Beach comes from before the 1970s, when only women and girls were allowed to bathe.

The beautiful pedestrian promenade extends above the 1 km long sandy beach. Here there are numerous small cafes and restaurants, bars with music and dance clubs, small grocery stores and other shops, souvenir shops and agencies for day trips and water sports. Also located on the promenade, three doctors and a pharmacy.

The fine golden sand on the gently sloping beach of Ladies Beach and the predominantly small, white foaming waves not only offer children a heavenly pleasure. You can let your children play largely undisturbed while reading your novel on a sun deck and cool off from the Aegean mostly mild wind. On the horizon beckons the Greek island of Samos.

Our guests appreciate it as a great advantage that the Kibar apartment pension just steps away from the sandy beach.