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Dilek National Park – Yarımadası Milli Parkı


Kuşadası is one of the main resorts of the Turkish Aegean coast. The charming harbor town is built around shimmering beaches and coves in sight of the Greek island of Samos. The developed infrastructure allows access from cruise ships in the center of the most popular tourist attractions in the Aegean.

Kuşadası is part of the province of Aydin, 71 km away from this city. Selcuk and Pamucak lie to the north, the south is limited by the Dilek peninsula with the famous wooded Dilek National Park with its crystal clear beaches. Other important tourist destinations include the port city of Izmir, the magnificent Ephesus also with the House of the Virgin Mary, Miletus, Didyma, Pamukkale, Marmaris and Bodrum. The International Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 1 hour away from Kuşadası.

Along the coast of Kuşadası resides the numerous beaches with a total length of over 20 km. In addition to the narrow, sometimes wide, sandy beaches are the deep, rocky coves for diving.

More Sights:

1. Caravanserai Öküz Mehmetpasa
2. The Pigeon Island with the Genoese-Ottoman fort
3. Remains of city walls
4. Hanım mosque with a fountain
5. The historical mosques of Kuşadası
6. Kaleici bath, heart-Hamam
7. Castle Gate Fountain
8. Aqueducts and water channels
9. Dilek National Park

Ephesus, Didyma, Priene, Miletos – because of its proximity to the many ancient sites of the Asian Aegean Kuşadası has grown into a popular tourist center. Another feature is the ease with which people can experience all ages an unforgettable vacation.

It is not known when the settlement of Kuşadası is created, it could have been founded with the name "Neopolis" by the Ionians. The area of Kuşadası was an historic arts and cultural center for many civilizations. As the ancient city of Ephesus had to be abandoned due to silting of the Menderes River, Kuşadası to the new port has been chosen, the "Scala Nova" that pulsates to the present.